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Body Sculpting in Burleson:
JM Sculpt

Body sculpting or body contouring is a non-invasive procedure that helps with the redistribution of body fat to address problem areas. JM Sculpt is a body contouring procedure that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to tone areas of the body.*
Body Sculpting Session

How Does Body Sculpting Work?

The JM Sculpt machine emits both radiofrequency and high-intensity electromagnetic waves*, causing muscle temperatures to quickly rise by several degrees. The energy from the machine creates rapid muscle contractions in targeted areas to build muscle and reduce fat, contracting muscles 20,000 times in a session.

This treatment is comparable to exercising, just to a much greater extent. One session is equivalent to an athlete doing 20,000 full contraction crunches or squats. Along with muscle growth, as the targeted area begins to heat up internally, locally stored fat cells are burned for quick energy for the working muscles.

JM Sculpt isn’t a weight-loss solution, but complements a healthy lifestyle well and can enhance the benefits of a weight loss program. We also have an attachment to help with incontinence and pelvic wall strengthening.

We recommend a consultation with one of our experts before starting JM Sculpt or any body sculpting or weight loss treatment plan.

Body Contouring Treatment Options

JM Sculpt is most effective when used in combination with a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet. As always, anyone considering a procedure like this should consult with a healthcare provider or a certified medical aesthetics professional to understand the potential benefits and risks.*

Packages Available

JM Sculpt FAQs

Yes! Expect to see a toned, leaner area with notably less fat after treatments. Patient results may vary, but on average, this device has been shown to reduce 30% of subcutaneous fat and increase 25% growth in muscle volume, over time.

The JM Sculpt machine can safely be applied over the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and calves.

You can expect to feel intense muscle contractions, along with a heating sensation. Depending on your comfort level, our team can dial the machine to whatever intensity feels most comfortable to you.

There is no downtime. If anything, you may feel minor soreness you’d feel after a strenuous workout. Patients can resume their regularly scheduled activities immediately, we just recommend drinking more water than usual after treatment.

Preferred patients are those who are active, but have a small stubborn area. Note, this is not a treatment for weight loss; it’s best for individuals who are in good shape already. Consider this an ‘icing on the cake’ option. Additionally, JM Sculpt is ideal for those recovering from an injury. Physical therapy centers often refer patients for this treatment, because it’s a quick way to strengthen the muscle groups that have become weak due to an injury.*

*Please note: if you are pregnant or have a metal implant in your body, you may not be eligible to undergo JM Sculpt therapy.