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Annual Sports Physicals in Burleson, TX

At JM Wellness & Aesthetics, we provide comprehensive school and sports physicals for children and teenagers in and near Burleson, Texas. Our experienced team of medical professionals perform thorough exams to ensure your child is healthy and fit for physical activities and school attendance.
School physicals in Burleson

What is a Sports Physical?

It’s important to note that a sports physical is different from a regular annual well child visit. This type of exam focuses specifically on your child’s ability to participate in physical activities. Scheduling an annual physical is usually a requirement for participation in any sports, including marching band. Ensure your child is healthy and fit well before the start of fall sports try-outs or practices, and identify any potential health concerns that may put them at risk when participating in physically strenuous activities.

Have questions about what a required school physical exam involves? Contact us today with your questions, and we’ll help you understand what to expect when you bring your child in for their annual physical.

When Should I Schedule a Physical for My Child?

Scheduling sports physicals for your children just after the school year ends is a great way to beat the rush of parents who wait until just before physical forms are due to schedule an appointment. This approach is especially helpful for teens participating in fall sports and marching band, which begin practices in mid-summer in many cases.

What Activities Require a Physical?

Most school districts require an annual physical exam for students participating in any sport. Some summer league baseball, softball, and track clubs also require a recent physical to rule out or properly manage any existing issues with a player’s heart, lungs, bones, and joints.

Here are a few helpful resources for local parents:


Before annual sports physicals are due for renewal, schedule an appointment and we’ll make sure your child is ready to participate fully and safely.