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Body Composition Scan: Fit 3D Body Scanner Services

Knowing your body composition is an important part of any weight loss or body building pursuit. JM Wellness & Aesthetics offers an industry-leading body composition scan service utilizing the Fit3D Body Scanner.

3D Body Composition Scan: What You’ll Learn

At JM Wellness & Aesthetics, we are proud to offer Fit3D Body Scans, a cutting-edge technology that helps you achieve your health and fitness goals by providing a comprehensive analysis of your body composition. Our 3D body scanner is one of the most advanced in the market, delivering accurate and detailed results in just a few minutes.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or simply track your progress, Fit3D Body Scans are the perfect tool to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

What is Fit3D Body Scan?

Fit3D Body Scans are a revolutionary technology using 3D imaging to provide an accurate and detailed analysis of your body’s distribution of fat, muscle, and other tissues and organs. By taking hundreds of measurements of your body, Fit3D provides a complete picture of your body composition scan, as well as:

Schedule Your Scan Today

Fit3D body composition scan appointments are just $15 for each visit. JM Wellness & Aesthetics Semaglutide program patients are welcome to utilize the scanner, free of charge, during their 3-month weight loss program and extended support programs.

See for yourself the percentage and disposition of your body fat and muscle, and watch it change as you progress.