From Mobile Clinic To Wellness Center

Misty Stasney’s Inspired Journey

Heeding the Call: A Remarkable Journey from Mobile Clinic to Wellness Center, Amidst the chaos of a pandemic

From The Jump

In the early days of her medical journey, Misty Stasney, a nurse practitioner with a doctorate, found herself dedicated to a unique outreach program: a mobile free clinic on wheels, designed to deter individuals from making avoidable ER visits. Each day, with unwavering commitment, she’d start on this bus, attend to patients at a local hospital, and then dedicate her evenings to her newly minted venture, JM Wellness & Aesthetics. However, the onset of the pandemic delivered a harsh blow, forcing the closure of the mobile free clinic, leaving its regular visitors in a dire predicament. Without easy access to crucial medications and healthcare, this vulnerable group faced an uncertain future. “Patients called me, crying, with nowhere to go,” Misty explained. Yet, in this challenging moment, Misty felt an undeniable call to action. A divine voice urged her to extend a helping hand, prompting her heartfelt response, “I hear you Lord; I’ll open up.”



With limited resources, she embarked on this mission, initially armed with only the basics: a stethoscope, thermometer, heart monitor, blood pressure cuff, and a chair. But, with resilience and a steadfast determination to serve, she consistently reinvested into her clinic. Slowly, through her tenacity and deep commitment to the community, JM transformed, growing and evolving each day.

A divine voice urged her to extend a helping hand, prompting her heartfelt response, "I hear you Lord; I'll open up."



Budding Team
Misty Stasney was not alone in her mission. She was joined by a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who shared her passion for serving others. From the front desk staff to the nurse practitioners, esthetician, and physician, everyone at the center has been committed to providing the best possible care for their patients since day one. “It’s been Misty’s dream forever,” says Dr. Amanda Akin, a collaborating physician at the clinic, who originally worked with Misty at a local ER. “She’s the driving force!” In addition to providing affordable healthcare, JM Wellness & Aesthetics also offers a variety of holistic wellness services, such as hormone support, weight loss treatments, and IV therapy. The clinic also provides beauty and aesthetics services, such as facials, lash extensions, and Botox. “We want to offer our patients everything they need to be healthy and happy,” Misty proclaims. Here it’s more than just a medical clinic. JM is a place where people can come for care, support, and encouragement. Misty began, “I just want to give and serve the Lord!” with Dr. Akin following with, “It’s my little happy place!”. Everyone on the team feels the same, as each does their part to make the clinic a joyful place.



JM Today
Since opening its doors in 2020, across Google, JM Wellness & Aesthetics has quickly become the number one ranked and rated wellness center in Burleson, Texas. The clinic has received 125+ reviews, with an average satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

From a mobile outreach bus to a thriving wellness center, Misty Stasney and her team’s journey is a testament to unwavering dedication, divine calling, and the transformative power of community-centric healthcare.

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